UNIEP focuses on Apprentices


UNIEP is a member of EuroApprenticeship, an online tool to promote, implement and enhance learning mobility for SMEs and apprentices. This newtork comprises more than 350 competent bodies, intermediate organisations and Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, which organise “in-company learning mobility” or provide expertise, information, help and support to learning mobility projects for the benefit of SMEs, SKilled Crafts Companies, of apprentices and young people in work-based learning and training systems.

European Alliance for Apprenticeship

As part of the Construction 2020 initiative, the European Commission’s DG GROW called for apprenticeship “commitments” or “pledges” from employers throughout the EU construction industry. This action is in support of the DG EMPL's European Alliance for Apprenticeship (EAfA) which is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. It aims to encourage the construction industry to offer more and better apprenticeships in order to attract young talent to the sector. UNIEP has already supported this initiative by making a pledge publically declaring its commitment to raising skill levels and qualifications in the trade through vocational training and to covering the existing gap between the VET systems and the needs of the SMEs.