Mobility Project

A new Erasmus+ Mobility project is on file.

UNIEP has collaborated with a French institute of the REFORME network, CFA-Saint-Herblain (Pays de la Loire) on finding a partner that hosts 8 apprentices (coming from the 4th year of painting schools) and 2 trainers in March 2017.

The subject of the mobility project is "flooring placement" and "thermal isolation".
The activities are scheduled to last for 2 or 3 weeks and are structured in two parts: 3-4 days in the Training institute and 2 weeks in a Company.

UNIEP members have been invited to seize this opportunity and have been asked to indicate a Training Centre available for the purposes of the mobility project; in exchange, CFA-Saint-Herblain will host apprentices in a future project framework.
Finally, an Irish school linked to UNIEP has positively answered to the mobility initiative.